In cooperation with the English quality brand Avenida Home I have created a 150 year anniversary collection to celebrate the fairytale of Alice in Wonderland. The tale is being interpreted through a collage, my own drawings mingling with the originals. The old beloved black and white character illustrations are brought to new life through a bright colouring. Avenida is known for luxury kitchen and dining accessories using high-quality materials. This collection offers placemats and coasters made in the UK of eucalyptus board sourced from sustainable forests, and wooden trays of the finest birch handcrafted in Sweden, cultivated responsibly with a long term view.
Avenida writes:
“Ahead of the 150 year anniversary of the publication of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland in 2015, Louise Kirk’s designs pay homage to Carroll’s characters and the novel’s original illustrations through the medium of collage. Combining her own drawings, Louise Kirk captures the essence of fairytale and puts a unique modern twist on an old favourite.
Each charming placemat and coaster opens a window into the delightful world of Alice, as the characters are brought to life. With a playing card theme, well-loved characters the King and Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit capture childhood memories in a family-friendly yet stylish way. With a variety of designs, you can make your own placemat and coaster sets to coordinate and complement your own mad tea party.
It is the first time that Alice in Wonderland has been portrayed in a collage. The unique scenography, colour and pattern combinations along with additional light touches of humour to capture the loveable childishness of Carroll’s original tale make the wooden trays really collectable pieces.
These delightful collectible pieces revive the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland in a new way, successfully combining the old with the new and the functional with the ornamental”.
You can see and buy the placemats and coasters here and the trays here !
Placemats and coasters
Gloss finish & Black baize base
4.8mm thick eucalyptus board
Protective melamine coating
Heat resistant to 165℃
Non-slip base
Made in England
Birch wood laminate with a high quality print
Natural birch wood back
Protective melamine coating
Can be used with food 
Dishwasher friendly
Hand made in Sweden